12th International

Vaclav Huml

1 - 7 October 2021


Prizes and Performances

First prize, “Zlatko Baloković” Award 5.000 €
Second prize 3.500 €
Third prize 2.500 €
Fourth prize 1.500 €
Fifth prize 1.000 €
Sixth prize 500 €

Special Prizes

Prize for best interpretation of the piece by Bruno Vlahek (compulsory piece).
The Accord case Award — violin case.
Concerts and other awards to be announced later.
All competitors will receive certificates of participation.
All prize–winners will receive honorary diplomas.
The prizes will be presented to the winners at the end of the finals.

Croatian Music Institute

Gundulićeva 6, Zagreb

Concert hall "V. Lisinski"

Trg Stjepana Radića 4, Zagreb