12th International

Vaclav Huml

1 - 7 October 2021

Music stage

Listen to the performances of all the candidates who made it to the semi-finals on our online platform Music Stage and vote for the best performance of Bruno Vlahek’s: Perpetuum II.
The audience award is an excellent violin box Accord Case, from our partner from Pula.

So vote from today until Wednesday, October 6th, at 11:59 pm and with your vote ensure that the best violinist wins the prize.

Bruno Vlahek on the composition Perpetuum II...

The music material for Perpetuum comes from the last of my 5 etudes for the violin created in 2018. Although it follows the same idea, in that cycle Perpetuum was presented in a more concise and accessible version, while the original version has yet to await its final release.
I am glad that this happened for the Vaclav Huml International Violin Competition. Continuing symbolically to the aforementioned version, the composition is called Perpetuum II and brings forth the essence of the original musical thought in its full splendor.
This minimalist-impressionist composition is conceived in such a way that as it arises from nothing, so it disappears into nothing. And in the imagination (or reality?) it is reborn, and that cycle is constantly repeated. It is a picture of the sunset on the sea horizon disappearing in the distance. The one who watches it for the first time, certainly does not think that it will come out again the next morning, but on the other hand, one is overwhelmed by a certain sense of sadness towards something that is slowly dispersing and disappearing. Its essence is to convey the atmosphere and inner feeling at the thought of this phenomenon that is present all around us, and perhaps most of all in the life cycle that is still a great mystery to the human being. I believe that each of us carries that question within us and has our own deeply individual relationship to it.

This poll has ended (since 11 months).
Leon Korman
Hrvatska / Croatia, 2002.
On-You Kim
Južna Koreja / South Korea, 2001.
Cornelia Machuletz
Njemačka / Germany, 1996.
Tao-Yuan Hsiao
Tajvan / Taiwan, 2007.
Kaewon Ma
Koreja / Korea, 1993.
Tvrtko E. Galić
Hrvatska / Croatia, 1993.
Ivan Graziani
Hrvatska / Croatia, 1997.
Amia Janicki
Austrija – Švicarska / Austria – Switzerland, 1997.
Eimi Wakui
Japan, 1992.
Sultan Rakhmatullin
Rusija / Russia, 2002.

Croatian Music Institute

Gundulićeva 6, Zagreb

Concert hall "V. Lisinski"

Trg Stjepana Radića 4, Zagreb